Monday, August 18, 2014

Does One Divided by Two equal One?

Yes 1 divided by 2 = (not 0.50)

At the surface, this question gets confusing. 

But what does it really mean?  

Try this simple Experiment, or at least Picture it in your Mind. Imagine, if you will...

An apple has a core, the flesh, and it’s skin- three parts that make up one whole.

If you take an Apple. Equally divide it into two pieces. Now you must decide which side of the two Equal halves of the divided Apple is the very best of that very same Apple you so Carefully divided into Equal halves. Now You see how: 1 divided by 2 equals 1 and   0.50.  Still, not with me yet?  Ok, Picture this....   Take a whole Apple, divide in Two. The Left side, and the Right side, Now say there is a rule,(I made into law), that says you must Only choose One side or the Other where choosing both is absurd and unruly.

The question you already know the answer to is in your face but you choose otherwise out of peer pressure of me wanting your answer Right Now! You know the right answer to the question yet you still choose 0.50 when the real answer is ONE. Why do I keep saying the real answer is 1?  Think of our government and the way it is run.  Even though we know the answer, they convince us otherwise.

Are YOU 1 or .50? I am ONE. Undivided I am still one. Why must we assume being divided is the ONLY way to keep us United?  Logic is not, nor ever been,  in favor of politics.  In the same Truths, Politics has never been in favor of Logic. Humanity is Logical. Politics is Not.  Any thoughts of your own here? Comment below.....

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